Tarot card spreads are practical tools that offer relentless guidance in life’s critical decisions.
It guides you through matters of love, relationships, health, career, finances, etc.

However, a lot of us get skeptical in the beginning and refuse the divine power. You can’t blame the unbelievers, because they accidentally stumble into con artists, trying to make money by manipulating the audience in the name of Tarot cards. Also, many readers are unaware of the wisdom of Tarot which enlightens the querent by offering deeper meanings.

Best Tarot Spreads are unique and interesting for the audience. Once the cards are shuffled, and the deck is delicately cut, the reader will lay the cards in a particular pattern called spread. Each position and each card represents a deeper meaning. Spreads can differ – ranging from one single card to a 78-card deck.

Which spread will be applied depends entirely on the reader and the doubt of the user. One may help in emotional matters while another may assist in empowering the external environment.

Tarot readings are not gospels but guidance that helps in taking the right path. Keeping this thought in mind, let’s explore the beauty of the 6 common Tarot Spreads.

6 Best Tarot Spreads and Their Significance:

1. The “True Love”

The True Love Tarot Spread
True Love is the most popular and the best Tarot spread- fondly admired and chased by the world. Well, there is no denying that each one of us struggles one way or another in our relationships- either turbulence hits the romance, or the urge to starting a new love makes your palm sweaty.

Relationship issues presently in your life can be confusing. For instance, how should I approach my partner? What steps can I take to revive the lost love? Is my past impacting my present state of affairs? These questions often bother us to the core, breaking our hearts and spoiling our sleep. The 6-card Tarot spread layout will smoothly sail you through the ups and downs of your love life.

So worry no more, True Love Tarot card spread is here for your rescue!

2. The “Success”

The Success Tarot card spread
Often, an obstacle in front of you can stop you from taking bold steps towards success. The situation may turn challenging and prohibit the path towards your goal. In order to come face-to-face with the hindrances, apply the teachings of the Success Tarot in your life.

The Success Tarot card spread helps you win over the challenging route by highlighting your strengths and potential resources. Take complete charge of the situation and practically face it.

3. The “Spiritual Guidance”

The Spiritual Guidance Tarot Card Spread
At times, when external factors threaten your spiritual well-being, you can find solace and answers through this best Tarot spread for Spiritual guidance which is similar to success spread with more focus on spiritual patterns.

The obstacles one faces in their spiritual path can be overcome with the 8-deck mystical spread of Spiritual Guidance. You receive a broader and brighter perspective into your divine path. The spread caters the life lessons required to get a strong hold on your spiritual path.

4. The “Celtic Cross”

The Celtic Cross Tarot Card Spread
A very unique but complex spread in the best of Tarot cards is Celtic Cross. Advanced and learned readers can demystify the Celtic Cross readings. This 10-card deck has a variety of ways to read the spread. A person chooses the Celtic Cross when they are in a fix, stuck in a complicated matter influenced by their past.

This popular Tarot analysis is no doubt complex, but the admiration it has gained is because this style of reading is one of the oldest in the world. It is commonly found in many guide books of Tarot card reading.

5. The “Career Path”

The Career Path Tarot Card Spread
Career paths often lead to stagnancy. Reasons differ, but the feeling remains the same. The struggle of reaching the apex is an endless fight, however, with the right guidance and fair share of hard work (in the right direction) you can change your story.

The career Tarot Card spread is another famous Tarot layout after the popular True Love spread. Its serves and solves two significant aspects of your career;

  • Identify the reason holding you back in your career
  • Or, search for a new passion

The interpretations received by readers are insightful suggestions that can craft brilliant stories in your career if you accept and apply them religiously. Career Tarot consists of a 7-card deck, each answering an essential query of your life.

The cards will answer many relatable questions like:

  1. Is your current job suitable for you?
  2. What actions can you take in your career?
  3. If you switch your job, which field should you chase?
  4. How am I performing currently? Is this a satisfactory level? Or, am I slacking?
  5. What areas do I need to improve?
  6. Is there any past event changing your current career path?
  7. What actions can you take to improve your present and progress in the future?

6. The “Three Card”

The Three Card Tarot Spread
Most elementary of all spreads is the “Three Card”. But, do not underestimate the power of three cards, it is specialized in many more ways than you know. Achieve answers in the quickest and fastest way to the perplexing questions in life by applying the “Three Card” spread.

The cards offer deep insight about your past life, present actions, and an uncertain future. Unlike the other spreads, three cards are characterized as the most dynamic and versatile one.

Three cards are special and unique in many ways. Unlike the others, three cards do not solve only one fixed purpose; each card and position can have different meanings. Every explanation depends on the motive behind the reading and the question bothering the user. A genuine Tarot reader will know how to use tarot cards in different situations.

Here are a few examples where this three card deck is employed:

  • Mind, body, and spirit
  • Past, present and the future
  • Current Challenges and situations
  • Your relationship, partner and you
  • Strengths and weakness

Divine powers are watching over all of us, but only the world of Tarot reading can help us connect. Join the journey of Tarot Card Spreads and be ready to destroy the devil in your path.