Are you looking for answers about life Or struggling with daily turmoils? Does the future seem uncertain and love seems to fade away? If everything that you have always wanted seems like a dream to you now, then WAKE UP! It’s time when you must realize your inner power with early help at your hand – Tarot Life.

Tarot Life is the most trending and best-predicting app available on the Google Play Store and App Store. You can use it at any stage of life- whether its love, career, finance, money, stress, job or anything else. If you have confusion and need guidance, you can open the app and seek your solution.

The app as it claims is the ultimate guide to your life. It breakdowns the situations shares the solutions and reveals the consequences of each option present at that time. With the three most practiced and ancient prediction methods- astrology, tarot, and numerology, Tarot Life is standing strong to help and build your life.

Let’s dive deep and see how Tarot Life is helping you and others with its great features:

Tarot Life’s Features

You cannot cut orange and rope with the same knife. Similarly, you cannot handle every situation with the same solution. Thus, in order to cope up with every problem and extend the solution to every situation, Tarot Life has come up as a one-stop solution for astrology, tarot and numerology insights.

Let’s take a look:

1. Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading
Tarot Cards are the ancient and powerful tool to tap into your intuition and gain insights into your future. With images of tarot cards, you may resolve your doubts, get clarity over situations, explore possibilities and receive guidance.

By using this free tarot card reading app, you may think your question and pick cards for love, career, and finance. Read on to know the tarot reading features that you may use for life insights.

a.) For Love

  • Love Tarot

Put an end your romantic worries with 3-cards spread Love tarot. Get a free love tarot reading online with accurate tarot predictions for every love concern you have.

  • True Love Tarot

Are you waiting for true love? Explore what your heart wants, what he/she thinks about you, deep connection, approach to make and shortcomings with easy 6 card spread.

b.) For Career

  • Career Tarot

Find solutions to all your daily career concerns with one tap. Your free Career tarot reading will share quick insights to achieve your long and short term goals.

  • Career Path Spread

If you are looking for a job or stuck with promotions or need detailed insight into your career, choose your cards from the spread and get speedy success.

c.) For Finance

  • Finance Tarot

Improve your financial status and foretell the crisis with free tarot layout for money. The 3 card spread will give your insights about the proper financial status you have right now and tell you how you can achieve financial security.

  • Success Spread

You might be one step away from success, read your 5-card success spread and know what are your strengths, shortcomings and growth prospectus.

d.) Exclusive Tarot Insights

  • Daily Tarot

Get your daily tarot readings and make every day count. Your daily tarot can help you to know how will be your day and how you can make the best out of today?

  • Birth Tarot

You are born unique and thus there is a special tarot that belongs to you. Know your birth tarot and deduce your personalized tarot readings.

  • Card of The Day

Every day brings new hope and every day has a card. Find what every day has to say with your tarot card of the day.

  • Yes or No Tarot

If you need instant advice, go straight to Yes or No Tarot and get accurate predictions in yes or no. It will share the interpretations and help you to choose the path with no confusion.

  • Ask a Question

Ask your question and get an answer instantly from the expert tarot readers. You may clear all your doubts with a live chat option.

  • Tarot Card Description

Curious to know what are tarot cards and how to read tarot? Click this option and learn tarot card meanings of major arcana.

Quite overwhelming, right?

After all, to be the best Tarot app for Android and iOS is not an easy task. Read on and know how you may also benefit from astrology and numerology with free Tarot Life app.

2. Astrology Reading

Astrology Readings
Astrology is the ancient pseudoscience that deals with planets, stars and calculates their effect on your lives. The readings are accurate as it is the direct analysis made from the details of your birth. Let’s check how you may get assistance with astrology readings of Tarot Life.

a.) Birth Chart

With the premium feature, get advanced astrology chart reading based on date, time and place of your birth. Birth chart report is the map to everything destined in your love, career and financial life.

b.) Love Compatibility

Want to know at what level you and your partner match? Get the astrology love compatibility with the date of birth, place, and the name of you and your partner and check the detailed report.

c.) Timeline

This premium feature will help you to plan your days, months and the year ahead with the overall time report.

3. Numerology Reading

Numerology Reading
Numerology is the science of numbers that shares the patterns that are associated with your lucky numbers of life. With the free numerology readings, you may make sure that your life is sorted at every stage. Here is the glance to numerology calculator Tarot Life shares with you.

a.) Numerology Calculator

Find what is your lucky number and what does your lucky number say about you? Decode the numbers of your life. Get your free numerology readings and explore the meanings of your numerology numbers- Life Path number, Destiny Number, Personality Number, and Maturity Number.

Concluding Thoughts!

With Tarot Life app, you can explore the hidden possibilities and evaluate the situations on real grounds. It doesn’t hide anything and shares every situation with you whether it’s good or bad. The predictions are unbiased and don’t scare you with complex readings. And, in this era when everything seems an illusion, such a fresh breeze of clarity is really astute.

On second thoughts, it’s better to get one app with many features rather than having a number of apps cluttering your phone space. Take your decision and choose the best online apps!