Do you believe in astrology or tarot? Eventually, we all sometimes need a few words of motivation and inspiration and thus we seek such powerful mediums to alleviate our problems.

Astrology and Tarot card reading work on the basis of images and symbols. Both sciences work on the basis of responsibility, serious knowledge and increased consultant skills to reveal the seeker about some of their chances and opportunities. But the great advantage of the tarot cards is still their quick understanding. You cannot neglect the sudden insights of intuition, which results in daily card lessons. Thus, the tarot can somewhere support the correct interpretation of astrological charts.

For many centuries the curiosity of people to mystical knowledge has not subsided. Tarot cards and astrology have served for centuries as a tool for enlightenment and helped in finding solutions to difficult problems, riddles, and secrets, in predicting and interpreting previous or past events.

You can go to a professional astrologer for a consultation, or you can download a trendy mobile tarot card reading app or astrology app to get guidance. These apps are easy to use. You just have to enter the exact date, time and place of birth, and voila, you can enjoy space therapy! Or, you just need to pick some cards and you can get instant guidance.

Such apps act as your personal assistant with tarot reading and horoscopes. If you want to get personal horoscopes daily and know what the future has for you based on your zodiac sign, or you need just some daily dose of guidance, then the below mentioned top 10 applications will help. We hope you will find the right app which suits you, and you will get all the answers to your questions and doubts.

Top 10 Tarot Card Reading & Astrology Application:

#1. Tarot Life

Tarot Life

It often happens that you are in a circumstance where it is difficult to use paper cards. For example, on the road, at a meeting, in a bank, etc. But it is necessary to take an important decision, urgently. In this case, such an application is particularly useful.

The app has a few interesting features and has Astrology, Numerology and Tarot sections. You even can have chat sessions with Tarot experts in the ‘Ask a question’ section.

In the Astrology section you can get your personalised reports like Birth chart, Love Compatibility and Timeline. These reports are created by experts and provide a detailed analysis and predictions for the different aspects of your life.

In Tarot section there are different spreads like Love reading (Love tarot and True love spread), Career reading (Career tarot and Career path spread), Finance reading (Finance tarot, success spread) which provide you guidance and insight on the problems related to different facets of one’s life.

There are other interesting tarot reading features in this app which include:

Birth Tarot- A unique way to know what your tarot cards are as per your birth date.

Daily Tarot- Daily Tarot reading is the best way to start your day with insightful and quick guidance.

Yes or No Tarot- Yes-No Tarot Reading is an ideal way to get to the decision in a straight-forward yes or no without getting into the tiny details.

Card of the Day- Find out what your tarot card brings for your day in terms of love, career, and money.
Another section is Numerology. Here you will get to know your important numbers, i.e. Life path number, Destiny number, Maturity number, and Personality number. Through this section, you will be able to know how these numbers can define your life.

Moreover, you will find tarot cards description in the app for those who are just starting to learn Tarot.

The readings of this app are uncannily accurate which is why it has earned the top spot on this list. You just have to focus on the question and this app will do the rest. It is indeed a great way to start your day!

Tarot Life is a free tarot card reading application available on both Android and iOS.

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#2. Sanctuary Astrology

Sanctuary Astrology
Sanctuary users indicate the exact place and date of birth, and in return, they receive a daily horoscope and a reference to the natal chart, a personal horoscope at the time of birth, Astrology live session, library with the astrological content and all. The client can communicate with the astrologer one time through the built-in chat and find out specific information about the current or future life based on the compiled natal charts.

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#3. Daily Tarot Plus 2019

Daily Tarot Plus 2019
The tarot card reading app gives you the meaning of tarot cards on love, relationships, career, finances, health and so on. Choose one tarot card and get the full forecast on your question! This free tarot card reading application will be good for you if you want to get a deep understanding of your situation and detailed guidance about your further actions.

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#4. Galaxy Tarot

Galaxy Tarot
Do you want your life to go in a new way and the way that you do not have to worry about your future? Start your day with the Galaxy Tarot app. The application provides features like Tarot of the Day – a message with support, as well as a spread on 1 card, a two-card spread on the future, a four-card general spread, a spread on a relationship, Celtic cross and so on.

Just focus on the question that bothers you. Connect with the wisdom inside you and get all the answers. You can use the app at any time and at any place.

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#5. Daily Horoscope

Daily Horoscope
If you want to get access to different types of horoscopes, this app is here to help. It offers daily horoscopes, an annual Chinese horoscope, compatibility of zodiac signs and even a horoscope of druids. You can even check compatibility between you and your crush. Besides, the app has features like numerology, tarot readings and even blood type personality.

This Astrology app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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#6. Astrosage Kundli: Astrology

Astrosage Kundli - Astrology
The description of this tarot card reading app states that it is based on Vedic astrology. With the help of the application, you will receive a personal horoscope as well as predictions in life, monthly and annual forecasts, predictions with the help of planets and the moon, monthly horoscope for love and so on.

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#7. Co-Star Personalized Astrology

Co-Star Personalized astrology
Fans of this app say it’s not you are learning Co-Star, but Co-Star is studying you! The program is good for those who are just starting to do astrology. The horoscopes here are like written by a best friend who knows you too well.

The positions of planets on the Co-Star come directly from NASA. Creating a detailed natal chart is usually a long and expensive thing, but Co-Star does it in a few clicks and for free.

Personal daily horoscope is an algorithm based on machine learning: it takes into account all sorts of astrological factors, and to track the movement of the planets receives data from NASA.

Co-Star operates as a small social network in which you can communicate with your “star colleagues”, monitor the astrological indicators of your friends and study their compatibility. The application daily publishes new user horoscopes and sends branded short push notifications.

The app is available on iOS.

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8. Yodha My Astrology and Horoscopes

Yodha My Astrology and Horoscopes
You will get a personal astrologer with all the consequences like predictions on love, horoscopes, interpretations of birth cards, compatibility of zodiac signs, and so on.

The application promises that you will receive accurate predictions, tarot card reading, motivation, thoughts of the day, good application service and complete confidentiality.

What questions to ask? You can ask anything you like — about love life, relationships, married life, work, finance, business, and many more.

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9. Astrology Zone

Astrology Zone
The application provides a daily horoscope, access to interesting performances and a textbook on astrology, all predictions about your past, present and future. The paid version implies a more detailed daily forecast.

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10. iHoroscope

Do you want to know your present and future? What does the location of the planets tell you? The app provides a daily weekly and monthly horoscope.

You will receive a horoscope and astrological interpretations written by professional astrologers.

You can request a horoscope for a day, a week or a month, even for the whole year. It is possible to communicate with the real astrologers, who will give you more detailed information.

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In search of answers to important questions, many turn not only to Google or friends, but also to astrologers or tarot readers, who today receive clients not at the table with Tarot cards, but in messengers.

There are several reasons for the popularity of astrology and tarot reading. If building and interpreting astrological charts in the Middle Ages were considered the highest knowledge, then today information about the signs of the zodiac is available to everyone. In the bottomless pit, Google will find the answer to any question.

But for the universe, it makes no difference whether you shuffle a real deck or a virtual deck. You will get what you are supposed to get. An app is just a tool, and it is really convenient. There are many people who try regular paper cards and do not get any accurate information. Therefore, you need to have the ability to focus, to ask questions correctly. This is where the secret of successful predictions lies.

But it is even more convenient if you have your own astrologer and tarot reader right in your pocket and you have an opportunity to ask their help and advice any time and anywhere