Astrology is an age-old healing art that was essential to our ancestors. It holds the potential to launch humanity into a new level of awareness. Off late, we are almost bushed by life’s race and our inner conflicts!

Before three to four decades, things were different. Our grand generations also used to work and had high life ambitions.

But they were socially connected. Frequent social gatherings were part of their lives. Marriage was a likeful bond; people used to be very happy with their partners.

Today, marriage is a big concern for our lives. Either we don’t find the right partners, or we suffer from late marriage problems. Even if all goes well, most of us face the post-marriage mess!

Astrology is a perfect tool to help us in every life aspect. The role of astrology in human life is vast. It is interesting to know that when we were born, our stars already predict which kind of partner we will have!

Astrology planets possess knowledge of our life path. Marriage astrology predictions not only predicts but have the remedies to cure all marriage related troubles.

A birth chart (Janmakshara) is the mapping of planets at the time of our birth. Astrologers define these planets through their position in different houses. And by Birth Chart analysis we may know which planets are responsible for marriage.

Know about the planets that affect married life

7th house in Astrology is related to marriage and spouse. Astrologers make accurate marriage astrology predictions seeing the seventh house of your birth chart.

In astrology, the planet sitting in the 7th house governs your desire to have a partner, passion, sexual fantasies, level of understanding, chemistry between a couple- everything which is related to your married life.

Late or delayed marriage, separation, early love marriage, or disharmonious marital relationship, marital abuse, domestic violence in marriage- are marriage-related obstacles. Let’s dig deep in every case and see how planets affect marriage and what marriage astrology predictions are derived from their positions.

Planets Responsible for Late or Delayed Marriage

What Causes a delay in Marriage

Earlier 20-22 years of age was considered the right age for marriage. Now with changing times, people focus more on a career. Both girls and boys prefer to settle down financially first and then plan for marriage. It stretched the marriage age to 26-28 years.

So, when a person is at the age of 32-35 years, it can be regarded as a delay in marriage.

Now let’s see which astrology planets cause this delay.


Saturn is a planet responsible for marriage procrastination in life. Whatever house it seats in, it delays the effects of that house. If Saturn is by any means associated with your 7th house, it means there is a delay in marriage.

If the seventh house lord is connected with Saturn retrograde, this can make marriage more delayed (after the age of 35).


Sun is one of the significant astrology planets that reflects power, discipline, authority in life. Unfavorable positioning of the Sun makes that part of life weak and unorganized. If Sun is in a decisive place and is directly or indirectly connected with the seventh house, it will result in a late marriage.


As a malefic planet if Mars in any way connected with the seventh house, then it will cause a delay in the marriage. If there is a “Manglik Dosha” in life, you would not marry before the age of 28.


Being malefic planets in astrology, Rahu and Ketu are also responsible for delayed marriage. If they are by any means associated with your marriage related house, it will delay the marriage. But in this case, Nakshatra lord and many other things will affect too!

Planets behind Divorce and Separation

Planets Responsible For Separation-Divorce

We see a significant increase in the number of divorces and separation from the last few years. It is high time people should try and realize real problems.

Apart from the seventh house, the eighth and twelfth house play a crucial role in separation. Astrologers take a good look at all these houses for accurate marriage predictions.


As we mentioned earlier, when the Sun is not in a good position, that part of life starts fading. If Sun or its lord is connected to the seventh house, this will create issues in marriage.

The Sun is a hot planet, and an ill positioning of this heavenly body ends up creating ego problems between the couples.

Further, the degrees of Sun positioning also decides the understanding level of relationship. If it’s very ill-placed, the couple will indulge in ugly fights, or eventually get separated as per marriage astrology predictions.


If Mars is placed in 2nd,4th,7th,8th, and 12th house, it is known as Manglik Dosha. Here, we must focus on the seventh house.

Mars is an aggressive planet. If it is in the Seventh house of the birth chart, partners have frequent fights and may end up having a divorce.

When Mars occupies the seventh house, the person suffers from Mangal Dosha-directly affecting their wedding life. In such cases, the husband and wife will have arguments. They may also go through domestic violence. Such couples with an abusive relationship should search for astrological remedies and try to heal their marital scars with accurate and reliable marriage astrology predictions.


The place of Saturn also affects a marriage. If Saturn is associated with the 1st or 7th house, it creates misunderstandings.

This position of Saturn makes a person suspicious. He/she will always doubt his/her life partner, which may lead to separation.


Rahu is known as the “Planet of Separation.” If it is connected with the seventh house, It confirms the separation.

Rahu may bring out the flirtatious side of a person and they feel driven to an extramarital affair. The presence of Rahu in the marriage house is strongly a sign of divorce or separation from the partner.


Though Ketu may give an objective to get married to the native. But its position matters!

Ketu wants to burn all material things! This is its nature. If it is present in association with the seventh house, a person will be reluctant about having a married life.

Planets Responsible For Love Marriage

Astrology Combinations that predicts love marriage

Nowadays, boys and girls study together or work in the same place which often makes them fall in love, resulting in early love marriage.

There are some planetary combinations that indicate love marriage. If Venus and Saturn are conjugated with Mars in a strong position, it confirms love marriage. These are the planets responsible for love marriage.

Venus is another planet that is responsible for love marriage. If Venus is placed or aspect 5th, 7th, 11th house, it indicates loving romantic nature and that person may have a love marriage.

An early life love marriage also creates problems. Any malefic effect on “love marriage yoga,”; or planets forming this yoga are debilitated may bring a troublesome marriage experience in native’s life.

So far, we saw how ill placements of significant planets and few malefic astrology planets might cause marriage related problems to your life.

Astrology has remedies to all of this. It offers various rituals and ways by which we can protect or repair our relationship.


Consider having marriage astrology prediction before jumping into this sacred bond. And if you find you have ill placements of planets in your birth chart, seek astrological remedies.

Accurate marriage prediction will ensure a happy married life. If you are already in this bond, but it seems to be on the rocks, visit an astrologer as soon as possible!

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