When life is not running smoothly and the bumps offered by the destiny does not seem to end up, it is time to take help from numerology apps. Numbers are the hidden support that human beings get from the divine world up there.

Our life revolves around these numbers. We buy a vehicle and there is a number plate on it, then the mobile phones have fixed numbers, we have roll numbers in school, house number, lane number, and the list can be everlasting!

In recent years, people have tried to understand the language of numbers through numerology reading. Moreover, they have worked in this direction to spread awareness about the sustainability of predictions that can be done with numbers.

Introduction to numerology app has been of great help to everyone. They have accurate numerology calculators which can tell one about the numbers that define your life and shape your future.

Amidst so many apps, it gets a little difficult to figure out the best and the most accurate numerology apps. And, this is why we have simplified the task for you by bringing together the 10 best numerology apps.

List of Top 10 Numerology Apps Which May Help You Reach a Decision

Top 10 Numerology Apps

Take a look.

  1. Tarot Life

tarot life app - Tarot card reading & numerology app

If you are looking for a free numerology reading online then this is the best fit for your search. Numerology predictions in this app are very comprehensive and elaborative. The numbers that are required to lead a successful life are all unveiled in this app. The best part is that a detailed description of the numbers exhibited by a person is given. One can unfurl the layers of their life by knowing Life Path Number, Maturity Number, Destiny Number, and Personality Number with the help of this amazing app. Tarot Life also deals in the methods of future prediction with the help of Tarot Cards and Ancient Astrological charts. Developed by Innovana Techlabs Limited, the app is available for free download for Android as well as iOS users.

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  1. Numerology

Best Free Numerology app in 2019

Venture out to find the answers to the unknown with this app. It is offered by astroyogi.com and is now available only for Android users. It offers updated numerology horoscope for free every week. One can get to know about their personality traits based on their Ruling Number and Birth Path Number. Also, a compatibility report based on numerology can be extracted from this Numerology app. It implements other numbers such as Psychic Number, Personal Year Number, etc with which it draws a map of the entire life of an individual.

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  1. Complete Numerology Horoscope- Free Name Analysis

Complete Numerology Horoscope - Free Name Analysis

The simplest among all numerological apps is this one. Just enter the details required to make the calculations and get the numbers for yourself. It has been developed by Touchzing Media. If you love to know about yourself then this is the right app for you. Its details include the description of a person’s trait along with their lucky number. In addition to this, the numbers like Soul Urge Number, Destiny Number, etc. can also be known from this free numerology reading app. This app is available for Android users as well as iOS users. For iOS users, the app is in the name of “Complete Numerology Analysis”.

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  1. World Numerology Collection

World Numerology Collection

It is an app that has a powerhouse of the numerology reading reports. This app implements the teachings of Master Numerologist Hanz Decoz to give detailed numerology readings regarding each aspect of your life. What affects your daily life decisions, what is the perspective you have for the world outside, your personality traits, and other things can be known with the World Numerology Collection. You can choose to kick start your day with the Daily Forecast, or plan your complete month with Monthly Forecast. Explaining your core numbers, this app provides analysis for 18 different numerologies. Developed by World Numerology, the app is available for both iOS and Android.

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  1. Numerology Secrets

Numerology Secrets

It is one of the best numerology apps that has been embraced by a lot of active numerology believers. It is because they have seen the results being manifested. Think about yourself dressing up each day according to your lucky color. It is possible with the Numerology Secrets. The app tells about the lucky colors so that your energy level is at its prime position. It is a channel that lets you connect to the numerology enthusiasts and readers for free. There are a lot more amazing features the app has to offer. You can discover your passion with the ‘Vocation’ feature of this app. The app readily tells about the highs and lows of a person’s life. It is available only for iOS as of now.

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  1. White Magic Fortune Teller

White Magic Fortune Teller

If you are looking to get free numerology reading then this is the app you must spend some time with. Developed by Phuture Me Limited this app can be used effectively by Android as well as iOS users. This app also deals with other prediction branches like Tarot, Astrology, Wicca, etc. it also offers a set of predefined questions and possible answers associated with the same.

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  1. Future Predictions by Birth Date- Astroveda

Future Predictions by Birth Date

This numerology app lets you ask your first question for free of cost. The questions are answered by professional readers. The app releases free horoscope for each of the zodiac signs every week. Also, the suggestions about which gemstone is good for your personality and what divine methods you can try to improvise your life are given in this app. The app gives the best numerological personal predictions. It is developed by Astro Veda – Vedic Astrology and Love Horoscope and is available on iOS and Android platforms.

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  1. Horoscopius


Who would have thought about discovering the future this easily on apps and for free? Developed by DEOX Tycoon Games, this app is readily available for Android and iOS users. You can choose to get daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope for free with this app. Numerology predictions with this app are accurate and easy to know. It also covers all zodiac signs in giving detailed reports.

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  1. Golden Thread Tarot

Golden Thread Tarot

Get the information you have been craving to get about numerology and future prediction with the help of this app. Golden Thread Tarot has been loved by many for its direct and simplified approach. It offers free numerology reading for the users so that they can improvise their lives by making a few alterations in the numbers they connect with. It gives an option to use either digital or physical cards so that you can ask your questions easily. It is available for Android and iOS platforms and it has been developed by Labyrinthos Academy.

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  1. Chaturanga Astrology Horoscope

Chaturanga Astrology Horoscope

This free numerology reading app is a compass to your adventurous voyage of life. The app focuses to answer the major sections of the life as the minor ones find their wellspring from the major ones only. However, this does not imply that the minor questions will not be answered. Personal horoscope can also be known by downloading this amazing app. Developed by Chaturanga Astrology Limited, the app is available for both iOS and Android users. It offers chat with expert clairvoyants and that chat is 100% confidential. This is the best way you can get answers to your queries without worrying about your identity.

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So with this, the list of best numerology reading apps culminates, download the app and let your fate ride on a better path of life.