Numbers surround us everywhere. We notice them in almost all things and events around us. How can they be used in divination and prediction is revealed by Numerology – the esoteric science about the effect of numbers on the fate of a person.

Since the spectrum of spheres of life, where there are numbers, is huge, then it is possible to predict almost anything, from health to finances, from family happiness to forthcoming future events. Moreover, numerology numbers provide simple and laconic answers, which distinguishes it from all other methods of divination. Another advantage is the simplicity of the methods.

The digital analysis allows us to determine a person’s character, to accurately recognize and develop their inclinations and hidden abilities. This is an opportunity to learn about your life tasks, goals, future and processes that govern your career, personal life and wealth. A numerology reading will help you to move to a bright strip of luck.

But, to find out about the most significant numbers of your life can be tough. This is where a Free Numerology app comes into the picture. Of course, there are plenty of applications for iOS and Android-based on Numerology, they can help you a lot with the numerology calculator. But how to find a good one? There are only a few apps that provide accurate numerology calculations and reading. And one such app is Tarot Life. It has an accurate free Numerology calculator which tells you about the most significant numbers of your life. Let’s take a look at these important numbers and how you can calculate them using an app.

Discover What Numerology Numbers Mean

Life Path Number

The Life Path Number is the base and most important number of your Numerological chart. This is the number with which you come into the world, which constantly leads you through life and never changes. This is a conscious goal to which you are going, your nature and talents presented to the world. It is your essence, meaning and value of your life.

The Life Path Number offers us certain possibilities but does not order us to move in the indicated direction. It represents sketches of challenges and lessons that we may encounter. Focusing on the values ​​set by this number, you are able to maximize your potential and gain the experience you need, that is, self-actualization, and this is the most important spiritual human need.

This number is your main characteristic. Your personal story began long before you visited this world. It led you to the point where you are now. You will continue your personal evolution with the possibilities and limitations that human life offers. The Life Path Number, anyway, reflects all the features of your development.

Your Life Path Number is calculated by your birth date. It is the sum of all the digits of your birth date. Tarot Life allows you to get this number in an instant and then reveals the positive and negative aspects of your life through this number.

Destiny number

All emotions, thoughts, actions and events in life have their own vibrations, which means numerology is a special key to understanding the human personality, to developing the intuitive abilities of consciousness and establishing harmonious relationships. According to classical numerology, first of all it is necessary to calculate the Destiny Number, it shows who you can be, should be, and in which direction you should go.

Destiny Number is the sum of the numerical expressions of all letters of the full name given at birth. Every letter of your name resonates with a particular number and the sum of this number gives you your Destiny Number. Tarot Life can give you this number in few clicks completely negating the need of getting into complex calculations.

Your Destiny Number is one of the most important numerology numbers of your card. The Destiny Number reveals:

  • The purpose of your life
  • What should you achieve in this life
  • Your opportunities for success
  • Your spiritual mission
  • What qualities should you develop and which lifestyle should you lead?
  • Your destination
  • The goal to which you should strive in life

Maturity Number

The Maturity Number is not active at a young age, but it acts on a subconscious level throughout life, directs and determines many decisions and actions of a person. Sometimes the Maturity Number can come into play earlier as a result of a strong upheaval in life.

The Maturity Number of a person is the last of the main numbers, it is also called the number of the true Self because it reveals the interaction of the Destiny Number with the Life Path Number.

To show its action. The Maturity Number begins only when a person approaches the middle of his life, at 35 – 40 years old, with maturity, accumulation of life experience, and only increases with age.

The Maturity Number is the unity of the name of a person and their date of birth, which reveals their true strength and true purpose of life. This number is a sum of Life Path and Destiny numbers.

Personality Number

The Personality Number is directly related to the appearance of a person. At least, numerology thinks so. It is for this reason that it is also found in the literature as the number of appearances. The Personality Number gives an idea of ​​the individual’s worldview, his attitude to fashion and how he or she looks in the eyes of other people. In other words, it is a “wrapper” that may not fit the spiritual essence.

Usually, the number of the person is calculated by adding the numbers that correspond to the consonant letters of the name, after which this amount is reduced to a single digit. The Personality Number symbolizes an exoteric, objective vibration. It indicates the external manifestations of individuality – the way a person looks in the eyes of others.

This is a clear expression of a person’s mental activity – thoughts, feelings, desires, will and vitality. It testifies to the activities of a person’s conscious and subconscious, the manifestation of individuality (or nature) in the behavior and habits of a person.

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